Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I have been interested in rocks and gems most of my life. I started making jewelry and selling it at craft shows and then about 6 years ago began selling on the internet. I still make some jewelry, but have expanded into selling gemstones and beads and jewelry made by others.

Visit my website I've got a variety of gemstones, beads and jewelry for sale and a "gemstone information" page that has a lot of articles and tables having to do with gems and jewelry. There is information there on grading gemstones, gemstone treatments and more.

I also have several Squidoo "lenses" dealing with gemstone and jewelry topics. They are:
"Gemstones", "Amethyst", "Tourmaline", and "Jewelry Making". These pages contain information and pictures about the subjects and also many valuable links to other related sites.

I have items for sale, as well, on eBay. My eBay store is also called PalmBeachGems.

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