Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've just gotten access to a good supply of a beautiful new gem material! It's being called Paraiba Chalcedony. These are faceted, translucent stones with a vivid blue color. The natural chalcedony is treated with a special process that infuses them with, among other things, copper. The result is a stable, permanent color throughout the gemstone (not just the surface). They are gorgeous! The color is much bolder and brighter than any blue chalcedony that you've seen before. I have them available in two different shades of blue, in a variety of sizes and shapes. I'll have them posted soon at www.palmbeachgems. com

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Unknown said...

About the Paraiba Chalcedony being infused with copper. My understanding of this chalcedony is that the mine site is close to the original tourmaline site, and that the cooper is a natural trace element within the chalcedony that is brings out the "Paraiba" neon color during the heat treatment that most chalcedony are placed under.

My question is this really a new gem stone, or actually a form of chrysocola-in-chalcedony that needs a little help in showing its true color?