Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is Mystic Fire Topaz?

Mystic Fire Topaz, often just called Mystic Topaz, is genuine topaz. They are not synthetic stones or simulants! They start as natural, colorless topaz, usually called diamond topaz or white topaz. They are first faceted and then carefully treated with a patented process called "vapor deposition". This process deposits a translucent layer of color on only the back surface of the stone. Color passing through the colorless top of the stones hits the coating on the back (pavilion) and is refracted and reflected back to your eye. The result is a dazzling multicolor effect unlike anything else!

Top quality Mystic Topaz starts with only the finest topaz rough. The cut stones are 100% eye clean. This means that they have no eye visible inclusions. The finished stones are carefully inspected with a 10X loupe to insure that they have no scratches, chips or flaws. The original Mystic topaz have a predominately green hue, but also show flashes of violet as well as pink, blue, yellow and just about every color of the spectrum as they are turned in the light. Other colors have now been developed including pink, blue, "Sunset", “Sea Mist” and "Casiopia". Unset stones should be handled with care, as a scratch on the back surface can easily mar the appearance. Once mounted however, so the back is protected, they are very durable. Topaz is an 8 on the Moh’s hardness scale, making it one of the hardest gemstones. If it is a genuine Mystic Topaz (stones treated by Azotic Coating Tecnology, Inc. or their licensee.) it can usually withstand ultra-sonic cleaning. However, with some of the cheaper knock-off stones, usually treated in China, the coating may begin to flake off. Make sure you are buying the real thing (Ask your gem dealer or get a guarantee.) or don't risk ultra-sonic cleaning. See more Mystic Fire Topaz here.

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